Address Access Floorplans Completion Date Management Info Notes Requestor Requested
276 Suydam St, Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA Key fob in bushwick Floorplans 07/30/18 JOe fdsaf Nk yellow logo 2x
Amylia Hecker
677 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238, USA FD code 125, apt open Floorplans 06/15/18 718-810-1536 f Nk yellow logo 2x
Yoel Perl
1(718) 810-1536
156 Irving Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA contact Luis Palma for access Floorplans 05/11/18 flora (917)202-9456 it would be the front unit that faces the street. 9a5740944f334e7d989413d62de4c800
Luis Palma
1(915) 790-9191
173 Martense St, Brooklyn, NY 11226, USA Vacant. Doorcode is 2121. Showroom can be 3F or 3B (your choice) - Next weekend is best time. Floorplans 05/16/18 Nathan. We do apartments for him here and there...we did 2 new buildings in bedstuy for him last year. This is an eight unit building. Landlord is pitching in $1,000 towards this. I know another owner who has an almost identical building over there...Condos for sale...and part of my goal of pushing this building is to get that building too. Img 20151212 220152 %281%29   edited
Christopher Grande
1(646) 321-0656
3100 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11208, USA Keys in Bushwick Office Admin draw. 3104 Atlantic Avenue. Both units vacant Floorplans 05/02/18 N/A Access through Josh Brown 516-778-8360 or Josh Ocasio Nooklyn headshot 04
Former Agent
(516) 778-8360
63 E 9th St, New York, NY 10003, USA Arrange with James Rubio and Super Floorplans 05/04/18 james Rubio Minimal Headshot
James Rubio
1(646) 464-3275
210 Spencer St, Brooklyn, NY 11205, USA key BW #80 , door under stoop , ground floor apt Floorplans 04/03/18 away for passover It needs help , It's not renting, if we can figure out an awesome layout that would help it go, we could price at 2200 or so 84f2fc94 87aa 449b abdd 8ca65d0a404a copy
Eric Harms
(929) 267-3080
431 Wilson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221, USA kate has latch access codes Floorplans 04/27/18 paul henry All items for decor are all at building just need finishing touches, pictures hung etc  1  0247 2
Kate Quintard
1(347) 834-1688