Giulia Michieli has built her business on a foundation of responsiveness, integrity and leadership. Her invaluable market knowledge combines well with her love for interior design and architecture, allowing her to fulfill all her clients’ needs in a seamless fashion. Giulia not only creates successful working relationships, but also friendships. Prior to real estate, Giulia had a background in managing rental apartments for vacation throughout Argentina and Italy. She also served as a restaurant manager where she managed 40 people and organized events for 50- 100 people. Her experiences allowed her to develop strong organizational skills, a long list of both domestic and international clientele, and the ability to speak Italian, Spanish, French and English. On the side, Giulia utilized her entrepreneurial prowess and started her own e-commerce business selling electronics. While her business approach is centered around her elite interpersonal skills, Giulia’s knowledge of the entire pur- chase process makes her an important asset to any client. Paired with Halstead’s innovative technology, she can market a property in the best light possible. “I’m an honest person and I do what is in the interest of the client - always. For me, this is very important.” Giulia holds an Associate Degree in Communication and Media at UCES College in Buenos Aires. She currently studies International Studies with a major in Gender and Women’s Studies at CUNY College. When she isn’t tending to her clients, you can find her participating in ceramic art or analog photography. Giulia was once a photographer in Argentina, creating campaigns for Greenpeace, an Amnesty International Volunteer in Europe.